Pushysix Visits DOZR! (part 1)

Pushysix Visits DOZR!  (part 1)

We invited Scott Colclough (Instagram’s Pushysix) to the DOZR headquarters to chat about his passion for heavy equipment and his vision for the future of operators working in construction.

With almost 100,000 Instagram followers Scott has established the Pushysix brand as a leader in the world of construction and social media. No doubt the Pushysix brand has a huge following, but what makes the brand one to watch is his future plans for those working in the industry. Check out Part 1 of our two-part series (link) with Scott below.

Tell us about Pushysix. Where did the name come from?

When I started my YouTube Channel in 2012 I was trying to think of a name for the brand. I was on a CAT D8T and came up with the name Pushysix, a D6 that pushes dirt. My first video was filmed with my Blackberry that I setup on a pile of dirt. Over the past few years I have taught myself about website coding, video editing and social media. I still manage my own social media, take my own photos, edit my own videos and run my website.

Where did you get the idea to connect social media and the construction industry?

I had a friend on YouTube that would post content about the construction industry and I thought that I would do a good job doing the same. There was almost no construction industry presence on social media back then.

What was it about social media that interested you?

I wanted to show the world what I was doing and why I’m so passionate about it. My drive comes from wanting to stand for something and inspire the next generation to become operators. I love teaching and sharing my experiences within the construction industry.

Do you consider yourself a social media influencer?

Yes, I have built a strong following because people can trust me. My followers know that I not only talk the talk but I walk the walk. My followers respect me because my brand truly speaks to who I am. I grew up in Saskatchewan and was raised to set very high priority on being kind, treating people well and not accepting money for products that I do not trust or believe in.

I want to continue to be a social media influencer because I want to inspire the next generation of operators especially with the current labor shortage. I want to expose the challenges in the industry and the misconceptions like that it’s a lower class job. If you are an equipment operator, you’re a highly skilled badass.

Speaking of badass, what are some of your favourite brands in the industry?

I’ve always been a CAT guy. They stand for something, they give back to the community.

Where do you want to be in the next few years with your brand?

I want to continue growing my brand and helping people. I want more people to know about Pushysix and the brand’s mission. You will just have to follow me to see what comes next. I have some big ideas on the way.

Big ideas?

I’ll be helping people more than ever.

Any advice you’d like to leave for those starting out or thinking about working in the industry?

For all the future students, if you are passionate about something go get it. You need to figure out what you want and the steps to get there. Put yourself out there, work for free and get the experience.

If you could go back 19 years to Scott sitting in the Bobcat what would you say to him?

Trust your gut and follow your passion.