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DOZR is the world’s first intelligent comprehensive search for heavy equipment. DOZR’s mission is to bring heavy equipment within reach for anyone, anywhere, anytime. DOZR leverages technology to empower contractors across North America to run their businesses more efficiently. DOZR’s search engine algorithm is designed to provide the most comprehensive and accurate pricing and availability data in the market.


On the DOZR Hub, we seek to share industry-relevant news, insights and information about equipment types. We are customer obsessed, and value trust, honesty, authenticity and teamwork above all else. These are the values that drive our blogs, stories and media presence.



#Dirtstories is a video series created by DOZR and hosted by @Pushysix. From family farms to one-man contractors, #Dirtstories is about seeking those that embody the heart and soul so often found in the industry and listening to their story. By travelling and speaking with business owners, farmers, equipment operators, and anyone in between, DOZR hopes to learn about the strong, passionate and hardworking people who make up the world of construction and agriculture. Then, we want to share those story with the world through videos and written blog posts.



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