Safety First!

The rise of new, advanced equipment is also bringing a rise in safety standards across the construction industry. The increase in deaths in construction is continuing to climb. However, with the help of innovative products and advances in technology those working in the field can now work smarter and safer.

One of our favourite innovative offerings to those working in construction are smart work boots. Solepower's Smartboots are self-charging and are embedded with electronics including GPS, motion sensors, wifi and lighting. As the SolePower website explains, these boots improve situational awareness and visibility for high risk workers and first responders, sending automatic alerts of unsafe environmental conditions and hazards.

We're also digging the Smart Cap, a fatigue monitoring solution that provides real-time feedback, helping operators to manage their alertness. As the website explains, the Smart Cap prevents microsleeps by providing accurate alertness measurements in real-time to operators and drivers so they can take charge when it comes to safety. 

Regardless of your role in the industry safety should always be a top priority. Take care of yourself and your team by investing the time and energy to implement policies and procedures that support putting safety first. Safety doesn't have to be boring – innovative tools like the ones above will allow you to have fun while ensuring that safety is a priority.