Technology That Is Changing the Construction Industry

Many of us have always questioned the future of robots on whether this will help or hinder our society. Everyday technology is being integrated into the construction industry for various types of projects. From augmented reality as a training tool, to drones that can confirm productivity of the project at hand, there is no stopping the future of robotic technology.

Onsite Robots

Drones have penetrated hundreds of industries already. There are endless possibilities with drones in the construction industry. Drones can provide safety, assurance of quality of work and project productivity. Drones within the construction industry can also track moveable objects like vehicles and can report information and analytics almost instantly.

Construction Robotics created SAM100, a bricklaying robot that can lay 3,000 bricks a day while the average person lays 300. A Tennessee company used SAM100 last year with very successful results. Hadrian X by Fastbrick Robotics can lay 1,000 per hour. The Rob Unit built the Manchester City Community Wall as well as an art exhibition titled “explorations” that represented how far we have come with technology and construction.

Robotic technology comes with a lot of benefits, instead of assuming that technology will eventually displace construction jobs it can actually help jobs become safer. Steve Muck, CEO of Brayman Construction created a robot called Tybot who ties rebar to create bridge decks during bridge builds. Tying rebar is a very a hazardous and unsafe job. This robot can save the company from injuries and cut production times in half.

Virtual Reality


Virtual reality also plays a huge role in the future of the construction industry, especially for training. A new training facility in Nevada allows students to use VR to practice driving heavy equipment like wheel loaders. This technology also recruits the younger generations to the construction industry by giving them a chance to use VR to experience the job for themselves. This technology also gamifies the work which could be a great way to hook millennials into this industry.


New technologies in the construction industry are providing opportunities to better productivity. Technology equipped heavy equipment and brand new machinery will now be able to pull insights on the project, timing, inventory and maintenance of the vehicle. Being aware of what needs to be fixed or what stock will be in need can benefit the productivity rates of a company.

Repetitive and dangerous jobs within the construction industry has been a huge focus when it comes to technology. Creating safer and quicker completion of projects can help the company win more bids and not have to worry about project deadlines or the safety of crews.

Some technologies listed above will take a few more years to finally develop and become a normal part of the construction work day. As for right now there are many great technological discoveries making the job site safer and easier. The mix of technology and construction is long overdue and will most likely benefit the industry than hinder it.

Want to learn more? Check out this video by Construction Robotics of the SAM100 laying bricks - Click here


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