6 DOZR Supplier Updates You Need to Know

As DOZR continues to welcome more Suppliers to its community, we’re also evolving the overall experience of lending equipment.

We’ve been working hard to make your lending experience easier and more rewarding. Your feedback has brought us here and we are excited to share updates now available to all DOZR Suppliers:

  1. Find Out What You Could Earn

    You bought your equipment to make money, so why settle for anything less? Listing equipment on DOZR is 100% free – give the Equipment Calculator a try for yourself to view potential earnings.

  2. DOZR Shield

    We know that the safety of your heavy equipment is the utmost priority, and it is important to trust the people you are renting your equipment to. That’s why we put you in control, and let you decide when and where your equipment goes on rent.

    Our contracts and verification process make sure your equipment remains secure throughout the rental. If something does happen, DOZR has you covered. The DOZR Shield program covers you for equipment damage up to $1 Million.

  3. Pricing

    DOZR’s SmartPrice™ tool will help you calculate potential earnings and provides you with suggested pricing, helping to ensure that your equipment is always priced competitively based on the market conditions in your area.

  4. Fleet Profile

    Creating a DOZR Supplier account is 100% free. Visit the supplier hub, create your fleet profile and start earning money with your equipment!

  5. Control Your Equipment Availability

    The Supplier Login provides access to your fleet profile and equipment at any time, putting you in the operator’s seat to determine when your equipment is available for rent.

  6. Money in the Bank

    No explanation needed.

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