Eliminate the "Off-Season"

Every business that relies on good weather or bid-and-tender work knows the struggle of the “off-season.” The bills don’t stop coming when you’re not on the job, and the cost of owning equipment that you’re not using can be painful.

During busy seasons, many businesses rely on rental companies to provide some job-specific equipment they don’t want to purchase. By connecting equipment owners with contractors in the middle of a project, DOZR makes equipment ownership safer. Businesses turn a profit on idle machines, and lenders help other contractors get the equipment they need.

Farmers between harvest and growing seasons can rent idle tractors to other businesses who might own attachments, but don’t have machines to drive them.

In the north, snow removal contractors could use agricultural tractors to push plows and mounted snow blowers. In the south, attachments like spreaders or boom hoses can be used for dust suppression.

"No matter if it's a tractor, truck, or table saw, Dozr makes equipment rentals easy."

No matter if it’s a tractor, truck, or a table saw, equipment costs get easier for both lenders and renters. DOZR customers will likely pay less – on average about 40% – renting through DOZR than they would with a traditional equipment rental company. Equipment owners set their own prices so they can cover their costs and control their profit margins per machine.

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One of the characteristics that makes DOZR stand apart from traditional rental companies is our ability to connect lenders and renters from very different geographies.

Using idle, off-season equipment means contractors don’t have to race their competitors to the rental lot to make sure they get the tools they need. Since lenders set their prices, regional demand may make less of an impact on the final cost to renters.

"With access to a wider variety of equipment, renters find new and faster ways to complete jobs."

Access to a wider variety of equipment might also help renters find new and faster ways to complete jobs. We often see contractors in the same areas using the same equipment, and approaching projects with similar methods, too.

With a bit of imagination in fleet management, some contractors can reduce overhead costs just by shortening overall time on the job. If that creative fleet management makes a big enough impact, some contractors might even be able to make their bids more attractive by proposing shorter timelines.

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