Get Your Equipment Winter Ready

Whether you plan on using your equipment this winter or renting it out, heavy equipment requires special care during the cold season. Snow, cold winds and ice can leave your machines in rough shape. Prepare for snowfall with these five tips:

1. Fuel & Oil

Use quality fuel and fuel stabilizer. Use winter grade fuel to ensure low temperatures are accounted for. Check your equipment regularly to ensure the fuel tank and filter are clean and in good working condition. Next up, always change your oil regularly to ensure your equipment functions as it should.

2. Undercarriage

Mud and snow should be cleared from the undercarriage of your equipment on a daily basis. Make it a common practice to conduct regular inspections of your equipment, focusing on the undercarriage for loose parts or unclean areas. Remember to wash your equipment after every snowfall, which will prevent salt from causing rust. Washing your equipment isn't just about cleanliness, it’s also about safety. Cleaning your equipment improves visibility and removes snow and ice, ensuring traction on steps.

3. Tires

Inspection of tires should be conducted on a regular basis throughout the winter, as low temperatures and debris can affect the wear and tear.

4. Attachments

Any attachment used for removing snow should be inspected and greased regularly to ensure efficient and effective performance. Guards, blowers, blades and other components should always remain in good working order.

5. Choosing Efficient Equipment

When preparing for winter, keep in mind that tractors are one of the most efficient and cost effective machines used for snow removal. They are used to clear parking lots and roadways–often replacing the need for multiple pickup trucks. This winter, make sure you’re working smarter, not harder.

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