Getting Ready For Spring

Spring is quickly approaching which means that many preparations are in order to successfully kick off the busy season. Since the DOZR team includes backgrounds in construction, landscaping and farming, we were eager to share insight and recommendations on how to prepare for the upcoming spring season.

Check Equipment

Daily circle checks, regular greasing and maintaining scheduled upkeep is key to ensure the longevity of the machine, protecting your investment as well as assuring your crew’s safety. Checking each unit for damage, leaks or worn belt pins and hoses can assure that you will have a great season ahead. Ensuring proper maintenance and catching things early can reduce downtime and can stop unexpected breakdowns in the future.

Prepare For Safety

We can’t stress enough how important safety is on every job site. Ensuring that your crew has proper PPE gear and safety knowledge is paramount to a safe season. Since it has been a long winter it may be helpful for you to review those tailgate talks and remind your crew on some safety tips to ensure that everyone is working as a team.

Planning Ahead

Whether your bidding a contract or already have the contract, knowing what the best rates and where the equipment is located is key to building the proper fleet for the job. At DOZR we will do just that, let us know what you need and we will locate, schedule float and quote the best rates possible. The earlier you reach out to us the better equipment package we can set you up with.


Just like equipment, it is always better to confirm your crew before the busy season starts, especially if you know that there is an upcoming project. Not having a big enough crew or needing operators for equipment may put your project at a standstill and slow you down. Ensuring that you have booked the crew will guarantee a successful season.

Start Making Extra Cash

Do you have equipment that sits idle in your yard during the spring/summer season? No sweat! DOZR can list your equipment on your behalf. Just tell us when you need the equipment back and we will ensure a safe return. Why let your equipment sit idle when you could be making money from it this summer?

We’d like to hear what is on your checklist when preparing for the spring and summer season, comment below! Whether you are in landscaping, farming or the construction industry the DOZR team wishes you the very best season yet. We are always available for a phone call or email inquiries. We’d love to hear from you, give us a call today 1-844-527-8115.


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