Summer in Ontario: 5 Projects Happening Now

Summer in Ontario: 5 Projects Happening Now

Ontario was a little late to the game this year when it came to warm weather. Now that summer is here, it’s promising to be a busy one for those working in the construction, farming and landscaping industries.

With many projects planned to rollout this summer, the busy season has officially kicked off. Here are five projects in Ontario that you need to know about this summer.

Bingemans Construction-themed Attraction

Bingemans has announced a new addition to their waterpark, bowling alley and games room -- a construction-themed mini park for children. Powered by Diggerland, the Excavation Station at Funworx allows children of all ages to test their excavation skills. The mini park has been set up with three games for children to play, each requiring the operator to control the arm of the excavator to complete various tasks such as matching shapes and knocking over pins.

Mass Timber Program

As part of the Mass Timber Program the provincial government is investing $7.9 million in the research, construction and education of building with timber. Mass timber refers to large engineered wood products that lower building construction costs and support the environment. Timber is easier to construct and stores carbon in the infrastructure which improves climate change. Over the next few years multiple wood buildings are being planned to be constructed across Canada and the provincial government is providing grants to any wood based infrastructure, plans or innovative projects. Wood infrastructure is also becoming a focus in the post-secondary environment through training students on technical skills and development with mass timber.  

City of Toronto’s Planned Projects

The City of Toronto has confirmed that they will be putting $720 million into projects in and around the city. Allocation of the funds include $360 million to roads, expressways and bridges while $299 million will be put towards sewers. An additional $61.2 million will help with basement flooding protection. Construction will begin in June and continue into the fall.

High-Speed Rail Challenges for Farmers

There are plans for a high-speed rail system which will connect Toronto to Windsor. The Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) believes that this project will cause negative long-term effects for farmers and rural communities. These high-speed railways will not be able to be crossed due to a 15ft fence that will surround the track, which means that the railway will divide the province, especially the high quantity of farmland between Kitchener and Windsor. This railway will prevent tractors and agricultural equipment from crossing the tracks and will become a barrier to farmers who need to manage their crops. OFA President Keith Currie has shared his thoughts on the matter, including that 12 acres of prime farmland will be ruined for every kilometre of track laid. These stops on the high-speed rail system would include Toronto Union Station, Guelph, Kitchener, with a connection to Pearson and eventually stops in Windsor and Chatham.  

Canada’s Next Tallest Building

Move over CN Tower -- Canada’s tallest building is on its way! Toronto has put plans in place to build a tower, named The One. The tower will be built at the intersection of Bloor and Young, a historic intersection in Toronto and divides Yorkville and downtown. The construction began in October 2017 and is scheduled to wrap up in 2022. The One will include a hotel, condominiums, shops, cafes and restaurants. The building will host 416 rooms in honor of the city’s area code, and will integrate with Toronto’s PATH system. The equipment required to complete this project will provide deep excavation and drilling. Such a large project also requires various measures to be taken to ensure safety of the workers involved. With remote control abilities, machines will be able to complete dangerous tasks without risking damage or hurting someone. Ontario’s capital is looking forward to hosting Canada’s next tallest building.

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