Unlock the Power to Win More Bids

DOZR has added new features and capabilities to help equipment suppliers win more bids. What does this mean? It means no more wasting time with multiple phone calls and emails. It also means more opportunity to win bids and real market insights into your won and lost bids.

There are 5 new features that the DOZR platform nows offers suppliers:

  1. Market Intelligence & Analytics Capabilities - See how your bids rank against your competitors and understand the driving forces behind your wins and losses so you can build more compelling rental packages.

  2. Automated Quote Requests - Receive real time requests for quotation (RFQs) and respond directly to contractors through DOZR’s automated RFQ platform.

  3. 1-Click Quoting - Streamline your bidding process by submitting new quotes online through DOZR’s automated RFQ platform, or carry your previous bid forward to reach more customers in just 1-click.

  4. Dynamic Quoting - Unlock the power of DOZR’s intelligent quoting system. Know where you stand and reposition your bids in real time to win more rentals.

  5. Unmatched Security with DOZR Shield - DOZR’s facilitates the contract, insurance, logistics, and payment process to ensure that your equipment is always in good hands.

Ready to start earning $$$ off of your idle equipment? Watch this short video to learn more about becoming a DOZR Rental Partner, or click here to get started.