Top 5 Reasons Skid Steers Are Your Multi-Purpose Winter Tool

Skid Steers are agile machines designed for a variety of uses year-round. They may be small, but they sure are mighty. A winterized skid steer loader is the perfect match for any snow removal project.

As you prepare for winter projects, keep these five uses for winter skids steers in mind to get the most out of your work.  

Precision – Cut in corners, clear curbs, and remove snow from parking lots.

Small Spaces – Clear sidewalks and work between buildings.

Pushing – Push snow efficiently with snow tires and the right size bucket.

Attachments – Buckets, forks, brooms, snow blowers, angled plows and pushers can be attached to maximize the usage of your machine.

Loading Trucks – Remove snow or relocate it around your property. Skid steers are also great for loading sand and salt into trucks.

Snow piles, icy sidewalks, and parking lots are no match for skid steers. They turn on a dime and fit on sidewalks, cut in the edges of large parking lots, and clear loading docks and small parking lots.

So only one question remains: Are you ready for winter? Browse skid steers for snow removal below and start saving on your winter rentals today.